Re: M16 feedback
      Date:           Wed, 13 Aug 2003 16:59:45 +0700
     From:           "Richard Fung" <>
       To:           <>

Hi Carmine,

After having the M16 monopoles cryogenically treated I installed them at the
inputs of my crossover boxes. I had previously done some research on the
internet and found that some users believe that large-mass connectors sound
"slow" or "sluggish" compared to low-mass designs.  However, I realize that
you cannot make yours very light because pure copper is relatively soft. I was
wondering if this would be a compromise.

I found that the M16s do sound more "relaxed" than the stock binding posts,
however I would not call it sluggish at all. Absolute volume of bass did not
change but it sounds  better controlled and more articulated now.
Voices are more direct than before, drawing you closer to the performance.
But what struck me most was how smooth and pure the sound has become,
especially in the highs.
The background has become more quiet and the lower noise floor allows for
details to shine through. The improvement is similar to what I hear from
using, for example, paper-in-oil capacitors, tubes and belt-driven
transports. People often seem to mistake their lack of the usual hi-fi
artefacts with sluggishness too.

The improvement from the M16s is similar to upgrading a set of interconnects
to the next higher model, which is more than I expected and makes me wonder
how much more potential is hidden in my system due to lesser connectors.

In short, I'm very happy with your connectors. I just could not stop
listening to my system this weekend because of its increased musicality.
Thank you very much!

Best regards,