BMNP - M11 Mk VIII:               $ 188.00 each ( minimum 4 ).

BMNP - M13 Mk V:                $ 202.50each ( minimum 4 ).

BMNP - M14 Mk I:                  $ 169.00 each ( minimum 4 ).

BMNP - MIMAS:                  $ 95.50 each ( minimum 4 ).

All Monopoles® are supplied fully gold plated on a Silver substrate. No Nickel!

The Monopoles® allow interface thickness of up to 3.6mm. Which is adequate for most loudspeaker and amplifier binding-post mounting panels.

Longer shank lengths are available ( up to 96mm ) allowing interface thickness of up to 76.2mm // 3 inches: POA!

Any interface thickness can be accommodated depending on quantity required.

Copper Ex Stock; Silver is made to order

Allow 1 - 3 weeks for delivery of your order.

Email Click the letterbox.

Monopoles® Connector Brackets.

If you require these brackets then specify the centres between the Monopoles® and forward this to me. I will then forward you.

Standard brackets for 50mm spacing are $85.00 each.
Other spacings available POA.

1.2mm thick Pure Copper plated with Silver ( 15.0 microns )  and then Gold ( 1.5+microns).

Allow 1 - 3 weeks for delivery of your order.

Monopoles® Mounting Brackets.

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