Model TC-18

All Pure Copper for Return with Pure Copper for Signal.

$USD 97.43 each.

All Material is Mill Certified Virgin Alloy High Conductivity Pure Copper 99.996% Cu
Table showing quantity and quantity discounts for the TC18 TomCat.
Pricing for single TomCat TC18  RCA Chassis Socket
Gold or Rhodium

Gold  electroplate (1,000 Nanometers ) on Silver ( 11,000+ Nanometers );
Rhodium is 500 nanometers electroplate on 11,000 Nanometers silver.
All connectors are made to client requirements.
Gold and  Rhodium are Matte finish.
Silver is Glossy bright finish; 11,000 Nanometers thick minimum!

All Currency $USD.

Now available in the USA:
Analogue Associates:  Carl Ruzycki

Only Silver plated Copper Ex Stock other finishes can take up to 6 weeks.

Allow 1 - 3 weeks for delivery of your order.

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