Le Power Chord!

Bocchino Audio power plugs are manufactured using the best available materials for the absolute best performance attainable from  mains power plugs used in Audio systems.

Utilising Gold on Silver electroplated Pure Copper  for the male plugs  and Gold on Silver electroplate on the Zirconium Copper for the IEC plugs Bocchino Audio Power Plugs enable the maximum performance possible from any power cord wire inserted within.

Unlike current power plugs on the market to day, Bocchino Audio power plugs are all discretely machined from both their polymer and metal materials. None of the components are injection molded; all are precisely machined to precise tolerances and all fit together with elegant precision.

Tong Characteristics:
Each tong of all the power plugs utilises a cylinder of depth 30mm and capable of taking a power wire up to 1 awg ( 6.0mm+ ) each.  In turn all wires are secured firmly in place with twin 316SS M6 set screws enabling full surface contact of the inserted wire with the tong internals. The long contact cylinder delivers the largest  contact surface area for any power wire compared to any other power plug maximising signal transfer efficiency beyond anything else available today.

Polymer used is UHMW/PE ( Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene ) of greater than 7 000 000 atomic mass units long polymer chains.  UHMW/PE is second only to Teflon in dielectric insulation and far stronger. The outer glove of the power plugs enables securing the power cord body with 4 x M10 Nylon stay set screws. The most secure grip on the power cable jacket of any power plug anywhere.

Where conditions require higher temperature ratings ( UHMW/PE is optimal up to 80OC or 180OF ) other polymers available are:
PEEK for duties up to 240OC or 450OF and
Celazole up to 500OC or 950OF //
both PEEK and Celazole offer their characteristics at a price.

All Bocchino Audio  power plugs:  ( 10 /15/20 Amp )  are comfortable passing very much higher currents than their rating, when used in an Audio system with high demand for electrical current from high power appliances and especially power amplifiers and similar power hungry appliances. The plugs perform effortlessly permitting huge current draw from the mains enabling  amplifiers and similar appliances to perform without any struggle. Benefits being that high current demand required to deliver realistic energy levels for intense transients in a recording enables a more than 'being there' experience with the source material. Drums thwack! Orchestral crescendos are enabled a better control by the amplifier because its source of power is not throttled by inferior metallurgy or design construction.

Similarly as with the male plugs. For the female plugs, a new approach to tong design has resulted in the contact elements biasing the face of the inserted tong against a full length contact as opposed to a pinched contact as is the case with all other similar plugs. This further improves the  efficiency of power transfer between the power cord and the appliance chassis socket.

The metallurgy of the Pure Copper of the male plugs is C10100  which is > 99.996% Pure Copper. Electrical conductivity of C10100  is > 101% IACS.

 For the Zirconium Copper used for the female plugs the metallurgy is Cu/Ag>99.5% with Zr making the balance. Zirconium Copper ( C15000 ). Zirconium Copper has just the correct elasticity ( or springiness ) to enable the female tongs to be inserted into their mating chassis sockets without fatigue while enabling a  tenacious contact to be maintained with the mated to socket pins. Zirconium Copper temper used enables an electrical conductivity of  >80.5% IACS. This makes the electrical conductivity of all Bocchino Audio female power plugs better  than any competitor today.

Surface Finish
All Bocchino Audio power plugs are first electroplated with over 11+ microns of silver ( Nominally 35 microns ) and then with either Gold; Platinum, Palladium or Rhodium; depending upon client requirement. Gold is the better electrical conductor of the noble metals listed and does not corrode. The other noble metals exhibit lower electrical conductivity but each imparts a different characteristic to the power signal and the final sound.

Along with the best metallurgy and superior polymer construction the Bocchino Audio power plugs are the most efficient platform for delivery of electrical power from mains power to their dedicated appliance available today and the best IEC chassis sockets ever made.

There are now 8
All clients who use the Bocchino Audio Power Plugs are very satisfied with the build and performance of the plugs. The Plugs have been mainly directed at High End Audio cabling; Other applications are for scientific, medical and research institute  instrumentation and appliances.  Many of these appliances such as MRI machines utilise very inferior power plugs. Swapping the Plugs to Bocchino Audio Plugs will improve the sensitivity of such instrumentation and a host of all other electronics that utilise mains power as their power source.

Bocchino Audio does not make a power chord.

Instead Bocchino Audio supplies the Baluga2 American Power Plug and other Baluga series power plugs and the SantaMaria IEC and SantaLucia plugs to OEM's for their use in their state of the art power chords;
All Bocchino Audio  plugs are designed and manufactured by Bocchino Audio. Insulator  Polymer is UHMW/PE while the pins in the Baluga series plugs  are Pure Copper the pins in the SantaMaria and SantaLucia plugs  are Zirconium Copper;  All heavily silver plated.
Below is a series of photos of the  Diamond Power Chord by ElrodPowerSystems.

Other Variants:
Baluga4  20 Amp American Plug.
Baluga3: 10 Amp Australian // NZ // China // Argentina  Plug.
Baluga5: 20 Amp Australian  // NZ // China // Argentina Plug
Schuko CE 7/7 For Europe // France
Mariner10 and Mariner20  Chassis socket 10/16 Amp  and 16/20 Amp respectively.

Wire Gauge
All Baluga plugs will accommodate wire thickness up to 3 AWG or 30 square millimeters square.

All Bocchino Audio Plugs and chassis sockets are supplied to oem's only.

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Bocchino Audio Power Plugs and Sockets are available individually directly from www.pranawire.com

 Diamond P.C. with Bocchino Audio Baluga2 Plug
Elrod Power Systems  Diamond Power Chord Assembly
 Diamond P.C. with Bocchino Audio SantaMaria  IEC Plug


David Elrod's comments on the combination of the Baluga2 with the SantaMaria in his new  Diamond Power Chord:

The performance feedback I am getting is about as excellent as
I could possibly hope for. As more and more  Diamonds make their way out
into the Audiophile community I will have a lot more info to share with

What do I hear from the Diamond? I'll focus just on what I perceive the
Baluga(2) and SantaMaria are bringing to the table. First of all they are
without peer in the industry. They are at the top of their class in every
performance category. However, their most outstanding characteristic is
their quietness. What the ear perceives from this quietness is purity,
purity, purity!

Available From David Elrod CEO Elrod Power Systems in the US.
 Monday, June 21, 2010 10:29 PM

Contact Elrod Power Systems

Additionally Bocchino Audio now also makes the IEC chassis socket in both 10/16 Amp and 16/20Amp.  Easily the most solid fitting chassis socket ever! There is no equal.  Clients who use the Mariner10  ( 10/16Amp chassis socket ) sing
its praises highly! Comments being that The Mariner10 delivers phenomenal improvements in Bass Energy and articulation control are the first noticed improvements; immediately followed by improvement in Dynamic Range, very very black background  and solid holographic imaging. But best of all: Effortless  enjoyment of the musical experience. Mariner10 Tongs are made from Pure Copper  C10100 99.996%  with thick silver electroplate.  The mating of any power plug into the Mariner10 is the firmest in the industry. Nothing comes close!  But! The Mariner10 is a large component and much room is needed within its working appliance to accommodate its footprint; Once installed the Mariner10 will live to the life of the appliance and some.
When supplied the Mariner10 includes Neoprene gaskets  or customised UHMW/PE bracket to ensure the exterior of the Mariner10 sits flush with its appliance surface.
Polymer // Insulator  used is UHMW/PE long molecular chain polymer with atomic weight being > 7 000 000m amu; water is 18!
UHMW/PE  is second only to Teflon in dielectric value but significantly stronger. It bests all other polymers for dielectric constant properties. No colouring dies are used in the Mariner10 UHMW/PE. The UHMW/PE used is virgin material, unadulterated by any treatment and true to the full characteristics of the polymer. Click here for properties!
Mariner10 insulator is also available in PEEK. Price on inquiry.

Read Steve McCormack first impressions of the Mariner10

Combining Baluga power plugs and the SantaMaria 10/16/20 Amp IEC produces the absolute best in power delivery to the audio appliance; Clients who have used both for their power amplifier and source describe the sound as the best ever. Superlatives aside the reason for the excellent efficiency is the construction, metallurgy and the insulation materials used to house that metallurgy. The Mariner10 uses the best materials in both conductivity and insulation compared to any other IEC on the market today.

Internally the Mariner10 and Mariner20 are both:
75mm deep x 95mm wide x 60mm high.
Externally they are:
9mm deep x 95mm wide x 48mm high.

All Mariner10 and Mariner20 sockets will accommodate wire thickness up to 3 AWG or 30 square millimeters square.

Also available is the Mariner20 ( 16/20 Amp socket )

Where conditions require higher temperature ratings ( UHMW/PE is optimal up to 80OC or 180OF ) other polymers available are:
PEEK for duties up to 240OC or 450OF and
Celazole up to 500OC or 950OF //
both PEEK and Celazole offer their characteristics at a price.

Mariner10 images:


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Bocchino Audio Power Plugs and Sockets are available individually directly from www.pranawire.com

Other IEC Sockets.


Utilising the SantaMaria IEC with  Schuko plug
Utilising both SantaMaria IEC and Baluga2 Plugs
Utilising both SantaMaria IEC and Baluga2 Plugs


I received all my cables from customers who were awaiting your connectors, and have finished re-terminating enough of them to have them on every one of my components. I am in utter amazement at what I am hearing. The room is not optimized, the speakers are my second pair, not my best, but it is so real and lifelike with imaging coming from everywhere. It just feels like a window into the recording got opened, and it is so relaxing and enjoyable to listen to.
From Nathan VanderStoep   CEO THENVSSOUND Thursday, April 14, 2011 4:40 PM


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