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 Bocchino Audio is Manufacturer of the worlds most comprehensive range of Pure Copper Audio Connectors.

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from  Bocchino Audio
The only range of Ultra Pure Copper   RCA type connectors.
The absolute best anywhere in the world today.
Bocchino Audio XLR for cable only utilising Ultra Pure Copper  pins.
Audio Appliance isolation feet in 316 Stainless Steel,  Titanium and Tungsten!
Appliance decoupling platform.
Silver Plated Pure Copper body banana with Beryllium Copper Sprng.
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Loudspeaker and amplifier binding posts: All made from Ultra Pure Copper .
An excellent loudspeaker for Listening to music.
 RCA chassis receptor made from Ultra Pure Copper .
Mariner10 IEC Chassis socket incorporating tongs> 99.996% Ultra Pure Copper 
with Silver electroplate and Platinum or Gold veneer.
Elrod Power Systems Amazing  Diamond Power Chord.
"They at the top of the class in every performance category"
The best Loudspeaker Transducer binding posts ever, All Ultra Pure Copper .
In Stirling Silver, Copper or Gold.
Turntable record stabliser mass, Copper or Tungsten.
When not bi-wiring or multi-point wiring , All Ultra Pure Copper .


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