Monopole® reviews

Ken Kessler's 'Headroom' column in Hi-Fi News and Record Review of December 1996 and March 1997 issues.

An independent review

Richard Fung, audiophile, comments on the benefits of the M16

An independent review:

As the first person in the U.S. to have both my speaker and amplifier terminals replaced with Monopoles® I cannot find enough superlatives to describe the sonic improvements. The areas that are better are the top end purity , midrange clarity ,sound-stage dimensionality and bass impact and depth. The improvements were immediately apparent upon replacement of the amplifier terminals and increased in magnitude when the speaker terminals were replaced as well. It was as if my amplifier was suddenly switched from pentode to triode operation and simultaneously doubled in power. I now get far more musical satisfaction at moderate listening levels but I have also gained at least 3db of headroom. Music now sounds astonishingly free , full bodied and airy - it was as if a bird that had been caged was set free.

Sceptical? I was too. The connectors are large and not cheap. When I thought about the number of conventional soldered connectors in the signal path I didn't think that changing only these would make such a big difference but it did.

Consider the advantages: Monopoles® are things of beauty, physically and sonically. They are made of  Copper and then silver and gold plated and present the largest highly conductive surface area on the market for the transfer of audio signal. You could spend much more on doubling your amplifier power of buying different speakers or cables, but you still would lack the pure and effortless transfer of sound that Monopoles® give you.

Monopoles® permit the elimination of yet another barrier between the listener and the music. Like the recognition of differences between cables a decade ago they represent a significant step into a hitherto uncharted sonic frontier. see you there!

GS Johnson City NY 1994

( used with permission of Audio Advancements where the authenticity can be verified ).

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